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Story of Danish Students/Professors from SDC.

Note: The videos and blogs  just give you extra information how the other people’s experience was. It doesn’t represent iGoToChina in anyway and they are not part of the iGoTopChina’s organization either.


 Jeppe Mejer
I went to China for almost 4 months to do an internship at NEES in Qinhuangdao and to travel around China. It was an amazing experience, where I got a great insight into the Chinese culture. The family I lived with was very welcoming and sweet and took great care of me during my stay. In general the people I met were very helpful and generous; this was great and highly appreciated as you are trying to adapt to a culture and language that you don’t understand. I fondly look back at my experience in China, where I got to meet some incredible people, taste some amazing food and experience a lot of what China has to offer, all from cosmopolitan cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai to beautiful nature and wildlife in Chengdu, Yangshuo and Jiuzhaigou. I hope and plan to go back to China to visit my host family and see the rest of what China has to offer, and I highly recommend others to visit China, where I think that an internship/volunteer program is a great way of experiencing the Chinese culture.
Ninna Rasmussen 
In 2011 I went to China for 3 months to teach children English at a private school. It was a great experience. I have experienced so much, such as a different but wonderful new culture, attractions , interesting and delicious food, a hospitable people and new friends. China is a great country that I think everybody should visit, they have so much beautiful nature and interesting buildings that should be experienced. I am definitely going to China again.
Jakob Brøndum Madsen
I went to China in late summer 2011 for 2 1/2 months. I taught English at a private school at a small town called Qin Huang Dao. I had a great time in China, during my time there I went to Beijing and visited the EXPO in Shang Hai. The trip to China was indeed an experience of a life time, which I can recommend to anyone who wants to have an experience out of the ordinary. You learn things about yourself that you didn’t know of before when you go to China – you will indeed experience many cultural differences that China has compared to European countries.  It is also a great thing to have on your CV that you’ve worked in China and thereby experience the culture first handedly!
 Peter Simonsen
I have nothing bad to say about China. Friendly people, amazing culture, great food. What's not to love about it? The three months I spend in China taught me a lot about myself - and I hope to come back some day.