Internship Program

Application is open for 2014. Apply as early as possible, send your CV and cover letter to 

The internship program is in close cooperation with Primero International Trade. It’s a company that helps local producers in Central China to sell their products to overseas. Central China is  still under development, business procedures need yet to be improved and be innovated. Primero is first of this kind that targets at improvements of international communications. It acts as the gateway to international markets for many local producers who are not yet capable of dealing with marketing and sales. Therefore, Primero helps them to boost their sales, to improve the local employment rate and improve the quality of life for many families. Large part of Primero’s net profit is re-invested in Children’s education in the local area.

*If you are applying the internship through Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Uni-Key or any other educational frame works and you need documents to support your scholarships or fund application, please contact us via


4 internship placements for period Jan 2013-June 2013 and 4 intership placements for period July 2013-December 2013 

Field of Study: 

  • Sales & Marketing related
  • International Business related
  • Supply Chain & Logistics related
  • Media & Communications related
  • Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship related
Name of the Organisation Primero International Trade
Address NO.23, Ganhe Road, Xiantao City
Postal Code 433000
State/Region Hubei Province (Central China)
Country China
Number of Employees Approximately 10
Minimum stay 6 months
Maximum stay No limit
Description of activities; special knowledge and experiences of the organisation: We are an international trade agency, it’s under the same management team of Primero Education ( Main activities: Establish relationships with local producers (supplier relationships); establish relationships with external customer (customer relationships); Product Portfolio Management; Marketing & Sales; Legal (contracts, legal issues for international trade); Logistics
Requirements for placements for students. Working language: English and your mother language; willingness to adopt the local business culture; study in or recently graduated from a relevant university program; team worker, self-driven and entrepreneurial mind; be able to handle multiple tasks
Remuneration: (1) *Accommodation to EU standards (2) Same salary as a full time local employee which will be more than enough to live the city.200 EUR (25 hours/week),300 EUR (37 hours/week)*If your scholarship pays for your accommodation, we may provide food allowance on top of the normal salary.