Full-time Teaching

Application for 2015 Fall is open now, apply as early as possible, as places are limited!


English Teacher: It’s a full time job, 39 hours/week. Salary will be 700USD/month plus a paid Apartment with wifi.

Location:  Xiantao, Wuhan, Tianmen o Wuyishan

Duration: 1 year (minimum)  to 5 years (maximum). Can be discussed.

Start date: The start date is very flexible, we will discuss the period that suits you the best during your online interview.

Arrival and Departure: We will give you the details regarding airport pick-ups when your interview is successfully.

Program Requirements: TEFL certificate is not required if you got your bachelor degree or equivalent.

The Program

The program offers opportunities for students/graduates to practice as an English Teacher. The students are from 6 to 12 year old. There 2 different classes in the schools: Regular Class and Experimental Class

In Regular Class, we will use the same teaching material as other schools and we will also have 2 to 3 local teachers to help the foreign teachers to design and prepare the class. The teaching work will be quite easy. 1 out of 4 regular classes, the teachers can be creative and try different approaches of teaching.

In Experimental Class, the teachers can try out their own methods. We can support them on the evaluation of the teaching result for research purpose. Schools will help teachers with the evaluation of the teaching result for research purpose. For qualified teachers/researchers, they have 100% flexibility of teaching as long as it doesn’t violate the local education regulations. Keep in mind that, you need to inform us the teaching method they would like to try within at least 4 months in advance, so the schools can get prepared (get permissions from their parents for instance).

The same as part-time teaching program, you will have assistance from the school you are teaching or from our staff at iGoToChina. Our Local partner in Xiantao,  Wuhan, Tianmen and Wuyishan is Queen’s English which has 5 schools, the staff of all schools have a very high level of English language, they will support you and help you on a day to day base.


In 2014 we have openings in Xiantao, Tianmen and Wuhan in Hubei Province ,  Wuyishan in Fujian Province. All 4  cities will give you a good view on an average Chinese life which represents 50-70% of the country.

Full time teaching program is currently not available in other locations.


What we provide:

  • Standard salary: 700USD/month (more than enough to cover expenses in China)
  • Free consultancy service
  • Accommodation
  • Bank account assistance
  • Police registration (if applicable)
  • Mobile SIM card purchase and registration
  • Airport pick-up
  • Chinese Language class (if you are interested)
  • Organized trip by local partners (subject to availability)

Cost of Living:




Rent (EU standard appartments)

Paid by school

Paid by school

Paid by school


120 USD/month

100 USD/month

100  USD/month

Public Transportation

40 USD/month

20  USD/month

20  USD/month

Going out

100 USD/month

50 USD/month

50 USD/month