If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask, we will try our best to get back to you within 48 hours. Please make sure you give us the correct email address, that’s the only way we can contact you back. If you don’t hear from us within 2 days, please send an email to info@igotochina.org

We will post the most frequent asked questions here.

Important: From July 2012, it’s not allowed to do any kind of work in China under tourism visa, including working less than 16 hours/week and volunteering work.  

(1) Do you only accept applications from Denmark, UK, Ireland and Canada?

No. We accept applications from all countries. No country has privilege over another.

(2) How long does the program last?

You have 3 options: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. It is possible to extent the period based on a mutual agreement. Tthe detailed arrangement might vary from city to city.

(3) How is Xiantao, Qianjiang and Tianmen connected with the rest of the country?

  • Airport: All 3 cities are close to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport by car. It has direct flights to EU (UK, France, Germany etc.) , Asia (Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.) and to all provinces in China. Book your ticket here: http://english.ctrip.com/
  • Train Station: All 3 cities have its own train stations. They all has direct trains to Wuhan, Three Gorges Dam, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong etc. With one change, you can get to all major cities of China.
  • Bus station: All 3 cities have Bus Stations which have direct coaches to all the main cities of Hubei Province.

(4) Am I paid for my work? 

It depends on the programs you are in. Generally speaking full time positions generally have a local standard salary on top of other benefits you will have.

(5) Why should I pay deposit?

First of all, deposit is 100% refundable. We offer free service, but only to our program participants. To avoid that some people take advantage of our service, we need some guarantees. Besides, we have limited resources in the organization and we would like to dedicate our time to the right candidates who are serious about joining the program. Check how to apply to find out exceptions of paying deposit.

(6) Do I need a work permit or visa? Who apply the visa for me?

Important: From July 2012, it’s not allowed to do any kind of work in China under tourism visa, including working less than 16 hours/week and volunteering work.  

You don’t need a work permit if you don’t plan to change your address to China, but you need an internship visa or culture exchange visa. In most countries, visa can be applied online. Check details for your country of residence here: http://www.visaforchina.org).  iGoToChina will provide all the documents you need to apply for the visa.

If you have any problem to get a visa, please contact us as early as possible.

(7) Do I get any training before we start teaching?

Yes. You will have a couple of days training on site after your arrival, including culture orientation training.

(8) Should I buy any insurance?

iGoToChina doesn’t provide any kind of issuance. If you already have insurance, please check if they are valid when you travel to China. If you don’t have any insurance, it’s recommended to have one, but it’s all up to you.

(9) If I apply 3-month program, can I change it to 6-moth or 12-month program after I arrive? 

Yes, you can extend your stay. In this case you will have to leave the country to get a new visa, you can do it while you travel to Hongkong, Malaysia, Japan etc. If you plan to extend your stay, please contact us as early as possible, so that we have enough time to help you on your visa.

(10) Can I change my host city during my stay?

No and Yes. You can’t change the host city if you stay for 3 months or 6 months. If you are in the 12 months program, you can change to another city after the 1st 6 months.

(11) What locations can I choose?

In 2013, we will have positions in Beijing, Tianjin, Langfang, Qin Huang Dao, Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang and possibly in other more cities in Hubei Province and Hebei Province. Keep your eyes on our website for updates.

(12) Can I only stay for 4 weeks?

No and yes. The program is designed for minimum 10 weeks but we can organize projects for you for 4 weeks, in this case unfortunately we can NOT cover any of your cost, including visa, accommodation, airport pick up, organized trips etc. Depending on the local partners, you may get free language class, culture program and other services.

(13) If I get sick, is there any good hospital?

Yes. Xiantao has about 5 hospitals with different speciality and many different clinics. For serious diseases, Wuhan is 23 minutes away by train. Be aware that doctors may not speak good English, you will have accompany from our local staff when you need to go to hospital.

(14) Do I need to bring any medicine with me?

If you have certain illness, please check with your doctor if you can travel. It’s always recommended to get some pills for stomach, flu and fever. The pharmacies in Xiantao have all the regular medicines.

(15) What if I find I don’t like the program after I arrive?

To make sure it’s the right program for you, please ask us any information that you want to know before you purchase your plane ticket . In the case you changed your mind after your arrival, you are free to leave the program but unfortunately you will lose your deposit and we will not refund you your visa fees.

(16) Can I go together with my partner?

Yes. We encourage you apply with your partner or your friends. If your partner just wants to accompany you but not in the program, we can still provide the accommodation for your partner, but you will have to pay the extra rent.

(17) Is iGoToChina charity?

No, iGoToChina is neither a charity. iGoToChina is a social enterprise. We are NOT depending on donations, public funding or foundations. We are financially self-sufficient, which means we need to get revenue. Mostly the revenue is from our partners and is used for our employees’ salary, accommodation for our program participants, associated cost to run the programs , advertising and marketing. If we have profit out of the balance sheet, we will use the profit to develop project in more areas of China and promote our projects to more people from more countries.

(18) How is the accommodation arranged? 

iGoToChina will work together with our relocation partner to provide you a room in a house or a flat. Rent will be paid either by your scholarship or your sponsor company (not applicable to Qin Huang Dao). You will have your own room but you may have to share the house or flat with other participants from either iGoToChina or other international organizations, meaning possibly sharing bathrooms, kitchen and living room. Depending on the locations you are placed, you might have to pay 1- 3 month rent as deposit when you move in. The deposit will be refunded to you when you move out. Please see the terms and conditions of the lease. The location of accommodation will be decided solely by iGoToChina and it cannot be negotiated by participants. In Xiantao, Qianjiang and Tianmen, the accommodation will be located in Xiantao city and will be close to at least one city bus stop. In Beijing, the accommodation will be close to at least one subway station. If you are placed in small towns in Beijing Municipality, we also offer opportunities for you to live in the small towns upon your request. In Tianjin, the accommodation will be close to at least one city bus stop. All houses and apartments are up to the European standards in a safe neighbourhood for all participants. Most of the time iGoToChina will have different options of accommodations for you and it’s allocated by First Come First Get principle, so please apply early. In the event you don’t like any accommodation that iGoToChina provides, you can also find a place yourself or with other relocation agencies and iGoToChina can refund you 1000DKK per month when you finish your program and return to your country of origin or residence. The terms and conditions of different agencies vary significantly, it’s your responsibility to check the lease. iGoToChina has no obligation to advice you on the lease that you sign with other parties.

(19) Any other questions?

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