Xiantao is a sub-prefecture level city in east of Hubei province, People’s Republic of China. Located at the Jianghan Plain in the middle of Hubei province. With subtropical monsoonal climate, it features distinctive four seasons, adequate rainfall, enough sunshine and warm climate.

It is close to Wuhan which is a big city in the middle of China and only one hour drive from the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. With the high speed train, it takes 42 minutes to Wuhan and 79 minutes to the Three Gorges Dam, the biggest dam in the human history.

The population in Xiantao city is 593,500 and the total population in Xiantao Municipality is 1,480,100. Xiantao City is well developed but there are still over half of the population in the rural areas are living under international poverty line.

Xiantao has a history over 3500 years and many historical monuments are still well kept. Xiantao is also described as a “Gymnastics town”, because it has cultivated 7 gymnastics champions in Olympics so far, such as Li XiaoshuangLi Dashuang and Yang Wei. The world youth Gymnastic Championship of 2004 was hosted by Xiantao.