Qianjiang is located in south-central Hubei province in the Jianghan Plain. Its area is 2,004 square kilometres (774 sq mi). It’s 53 minutes to Wuhan by train and about 90 minutes to the airport. Qianjiang is about 11 minutes away from Xiantao by train.

Qianjiang’s climate is temperate. Average annual temperature is 17 °C (63 °F).

There were many small lakes, ponds, and rivers scattered around the Qianjiang area. However, starting in the early 80′s most of them disappeared due to urbanization and industrialization.

The population in Qianjiang city is 303,500 and the total population in Qianjing Municipality is 998,525. Comparing with Xiantao City, Qianjing is less developed.

Qianjiang has the potential of producing 200 million tons of oil, more than 9000 m3of natural gas, and 800 billion tons of rock salt. Despite the fact that Qianjiang has an important oil field, the average income of the municipality is much lower than nearby cities, it is about 850DKK/month (140USD).