iGoToChina’s founders have run some small volunteering projects and culture exchange projects here and there since 2007. 5 years after, we have decided to launch an official organization to promote China and facilitate the culture exchanges between China and the rest of the world. To increase iGoToChina’s impact, we need support from you! iGoToChina has received support from Startvaekst and finally got kicked-off in 2012. Currently we are looking for support and partnerships:

(1) Individuals

We need mentors and program promoters. Mentors’ work is to supervise our participants once in a while or when they have difficulties to adapt themselves to Chinese culture. We might need a few hours from you every 3 months to host a couple of  seminars on internet. It’s a pure volunteering work. As the aim of iGoToChina is run with low budget but create a big local and global impact. Requirement: Fluent in English and have china experience that can benefit other people. You don’t need to speak Chinese, but we need you to have a positive attitude towards culture difference. Promoters: We don’t need you to do anything else but share our program on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. We would really appreciate if you could spend 1 second to support us on social media.

(2) Educational Institutes

We would like to establish relationships with educational institutes who send students or staff to China for long period. Many people go to China with wrong expectations, consequently they feel depressed and negative about their experience. We recommend the institutes to courage their students or staff to participate our programs to have a real experience of China before they make a big decision. Sometimes tourism is completely different from living there. It’s FREE in terms of cost, but the program will have am impact on both the participants and the host community.

(3) Business Developers

Despite the fact that iGoToChina is not profit orientated, the idea is to run the organization financially self-sufficient. We don’t want to depend on outside support. If you have ideas to establish business around iGoToChina’s activities. We would love to hear from you.

(4) Foundations & Public Organizations

If you have projects that have similar goals like us or you would like to support projects that we are running or you would like to support our program participates, please contact us, we can definitely develop projects together.

(5) Social Entrepreneurs

iGoToChina is a culture orientated social enterprise, it aims at encourage and facilitate the cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. We don’t expect much financial paybacks, but we expect to increase local employment, charity donation, public funding etc. If you have ideas to support us or support your own organization together with us (Establish a charity café, a charity travel agency, a charity shop, do projects for EU givernments or UN etc.) Don’t hesitate to contact us via