iGoToChina’s founders have run some small volunteering projects and culture exchange projects here and there since 2007. 5 years after, we have decided to launch an official organization to promote China and facilitate the culture exchanges between China and the rest of the world.  iGoToChina has received support from Startvaekst and finally got kicked-off in 2012.


Generally we don’t provide locations like Beijing, Shanghai. Those places are well developed comparing with the rest of the country. What we would like to achieve is to evenly distribute the educational resource to the country. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai they are financially self sufficient to hire qualifies teachers. So our selected schools are mostly based in cities where the average income is below 1800DKK (250 USD) per month. We do have schools in big cities, but they will be schools for migrant workers, who generally live in very bad conditions.

iGoToChina is based in Denmark and run by a dedicated team of experienced past volunteers. But iGoToChina accepts applications globally! Don’t hesitate to apply no matter where you are. iGoToChina offers you the opportunity to have a taste of China, which is not necessary what you see from the media. Whatever your age, background or nationality, iGoToChina welcomes everybody equally and endeavour to encourage and support you in your choices and decisions.

We run well-supported opportunities to participants to help schools by teaching English in Xiantao, Qin Huang Dao and other cities/towns in China. Every school is carefully selected to ensure that maximum benefits will be brought to local communities while making every effort to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Oversea experience can change your life, it’s a great way to travel as well as do some of good work you will not regret. Sometimes it’s a once a life experience. iGoToChina will help you gain new experience, self-confidence, make friends for life and improve your CV. It’s 100% free to apply and participate our program in China, the cost is covered by our sponsors.

“We made a difference by teaching English to children who live in developing cities and seeing them improve day-by-day in their English language as well as having fun, smiling and laughing with happiness was a joy every day.” Julia Herraro


Here are just some of the many reasons why it will be a good idea to iGoToChina with us:

  • iGoToChina is a culture orientated social enterprise, it aims at encourage and facilitate the cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. We offer free consulting service for young people who don’t have a full time job yet. We don’t expect any financial paybacks, but we hope you can volunteer some time to support our future activities if you think you have benefited from iGoToChina.
  • iGoToChina has specialities about China’s educations system and have local presence and partners to ensure your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • iGoToChina is run by a dedicated team with extensive overseas experience, all of whom have been living in many different countries for years and have a passionate commitment to run projects that are not only rewarding but beneficial to host communities.
  • iGoToChina works closely with host communities, regional authorities to identify schools and kid-gardens that have a clear need and desire to host our participants before matching participants to them.
  • iGoToChina expects every single participate to return feeling proud of their experience.